Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government

User Experience Design for
Public Childcare Services Enrolment and Draw System

Linearly sorting information and processes to maximize efficiency of use

After interviews and usability tests, the team found from the affinity diagram method that the current information structure of the system is unclear, which makes it costly for users to gather information, so that they cannot quickly understand critical information and make decisions; it also causes users to send wrong information on the system, which increases the system's back-end processing costs. The team has addressed these issues by reorganizing the system architecture and designing a linear “depth-based” user process, with the ultimate goal of helping users to more effectively "understand public childcare services," "choose public childcare services" and "apply for public childcare services."

Lin I-hsiu
Hung Chia-yin
Chiu Wei-chen
Chen Tse-yu

Preliminary Study

Problem Definitions

1. Reduce the cost of user time in searching for information

The current website does not have a good integration of public childcare-related information, and parents need to spend time and effort to navigate through different platforms to get the information they want.

2. Improve user effectiveness and efficiency in reading data

The font color and confusing typography of the public childcare guidelines on the website, as well as the unreadable and incomprehensible wording of the documents, reduce readability and can easily cause confusion.

3. Increase the efficiency of public childcare service applications and registrations

The application form is lengthy and the instructions are not written in plain language making it confusing for applicants, which in turn affects the efficiency of completion.


Restructuring information and boosting the efficiency of the registration process, customizing services for the convenience of the public and assisting the department in the design of barriers for application review

The principles of Version A of the wireframe are to "give users an identity-specific form," "make it easy for users to find public childcare providers" and "integrate the public childcare information framework," with a focus on organizing public childcare information and simplifying the process. In addition to the principles of Version A, Version B includes a new "Self-Check Form" and a "Shopping Cart for Public Childcare Services" to make it easier for users to select public childcare services and to help reduce the chance of ineligibility when applying.

Wireframe A web/mobile layout

Wireframe B mobile layout

High-fidelity prototype

Organize information content to improve overall readability

The new version of the website has reorganized all the rules and regulations and presents them in three ways: a breakdown, an illustrated document for dummies and a FAQ, so that first-time visitors can understand the public childcare service schedule and regulations at a glance.

Integrated public childcare provider information and search function for all your goals in one stop.

The new version of the website integrates information on public childcare providers and a map system that allow parents to quickly find important information about public childcare service locations, reviews, waiting lists and more. And the Favorites list and Shopping Cart make it easy for parents to quickly complete registration by comparing and recording the public childcare options they want in a limited amount of time.

Self-checking and improvement forms to ease the burden on users and authorities

A customized form is used to reduce the incidence of non-conformity by providing a form that corresponds to the identity of the person, in combination with simple qualifications and reminders of the documents to be prepared.

Now, let's manipulate the results of the revamp!

Project report

So, let's see what the other groups have achieved!


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