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User Experience Design for the
Volunteer Service Integration Information Platform

Exploring with warmth, inspiring a passion for service

In our preliminary research, after many interviews with the public sector and users, we have identified several issues with the volunteer website, including: low usage of the matchmaking function, poor presentation of information, etc., before defining our problem statement as "how to make the volunteer website more user-friendly and welcoming, so that both experienced volunteers and the general public are more willing to use it, thus increasing the volunteer matchmaking rate."

Huang Yung-chun
Lin Man-ning
Lin Tzu-ching

Preliminary Study

Problem Definitions

1. How to make the home page distinctive and user-friendly

We found the information on the home page to be cluttered and without a clear visual focus, and from the GA data we found that many people left the page as soon as they entered.

2. How to make the terminology directly understandable to the public, solve the problem of the interface not matching the public's perceived experience, and minimize the gap in expectations

We found that information on the website was poorly arranged and the wording did not fit in with people's experience or perceptions, and that volunteers often spent a lot of time and effort looking for activities.

3. How to solve the cumbersome search and registration process so that users can complete the registration process on the same website and the Department of Social Welfare can have a clear picture of the matchmaking list

The current registration process does not require registration via the website and people can register directly with the organization; there is no centralized data collection and sorting and the Department of Social Welfare has no way of keeping abreast of the registration status.


Building a two-way bridge to stimulate participation

In Version A, we tried to reorganize the structure and optimize the process to improve the flow of use; in Version B, we attempted to add identity distinctions and highlight character stories to inspire users to participate in volunteering; in Version C, we sought to merge the features of Versions A and B and add a two-way communication feature, with "streamlined process/steps + passionate exploration content + a two-way bridge" as our final design direction.


Functionality Oriented Version A


Exploration Oriented Version B


Bi-directional Guidance Version C

High-fidelity prototype


Two-way communication for a touch of warmth

The volunteer stories and regional exploration maps in the semiannual report are displayed on the home page, and each activity has a Q&A section to make the information transparent; and citizens are connected to the public sector through familiar and friendly explanatory text.

Integrated service experience for a smoother process

The one-page registration service, which leaves only the necessary information to be filled in, improves the efficiency of registration and integrates the registration service on the website, with the aim of increasing the use of the matchmaking function and allowing the Department of Social Welfare to keep track of the registration status.

Information reorganization for greater clarity

We have reorganized the information architecture of the website and rearranged the text level and layout so that information can be presented more clearly, and volunteers can find the volunteer services they are interested in more quickly when searching for such activities.

Now, let's manipulate the results of the revamp!

Project report

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